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Lightning Study Bible 2.6

Lightning Study Bible is a brand new, 32bit platform for Bible study
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There are many programs for reading and studying the Bible. Ligtning Study Bible is one of them. Formerly a shareware program, now it is offered for free. You can download the core program, but it will not work until you download one of the databases available, which are free too. Each database features either a Bible version or a Biblical comment or reference tool.

The program is very akin to many other Bible reading programs available on the Internet; maybe its most remarkable difference is its topic and root searching tool. It allows you to search the database to find the Greek or Jewish root of a word featured in the Bible. However, the form of showing it is not very practical: once you find the results of your search, you need to click on any of them, then another set of results will appear and you need to click on the one you are looking for; the corresponding information will add to a roots and topics tree in the left panel of the program. Also, it is noteworthy that the program's interface is very unattractive when compared with other similar programs. Also, the amount and variety of the databases is limited. Also, despite the fact that it's freeware, you need to follow all the purchasing process (since its cost is $0.00, you will not be charged) to access the download page. Given the poor quality of the program, it may not be worth all the effort.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Root search feature


  • The process to get the program is somewhat cumbersone
  • Unattractive user interface
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